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Moosilauke Marriage

A rather grand mountain as 4000-footers go, and one bearing a nice alpine expanse at its summit, the 4802′ Mt Moosilauke became the choice wedding venue for one Vermont couple. We won’t show recognizable photos or mention names, at the couple’s request (we always ask), but we can show images of the scene and take this opportunity to again say congratulations. The images we will show will startle some. Some will think it’s awful weather for a wedding, and some will reckon it’s too cold and too foreboding a place to marry, but it’s nice. We were warmed by exertion, feeling great in that element, and elated that we summited. And then there was the wedding itself. Combine it all and the couple walks away not just married, but enriched by the experience and memories earned. This is a good thing.

This photo doesn’t do justice to the morning’s squalliness.

This one does a better job of it.

Lovely forest.

Views were limited. But still nice!

We saw a lot of graupel.

The snow is a good 4-plus-feet deep here. Yeah, it’s April 22nd.

We enter the alpine zone. The winds begin to crank.

A frozen cairn stands a lonely vigil, forever ready to reveal the way.

Two other hikers suddenly become bridesmaids — and one to be a wedding customer some day, she hopes.

An amazing place.

A frozen wasteland. Very pretty.

Waters from snow flowed.

Congratulations to the couple! Thanks for letting us officiate!

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