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Skills and Skiing

Our most recent guest asked a pretty innocent question on Facebook. He wanted to know about guided trips. Within a few minutes Redline Guiding was enthusiastically mentioned more than a dozen times. The folks who recommended us know us either first hand — as friends, associates, or as previous guests — or by way of our presence, but in any case, it was completely natural. We didn’t ask anyone to respond. We don’t have a posse standing at the ready. This was an organic recommendation. Word of mouth. And certainly the best type of advertising there is. It sure was effective. Based on how widely we were recommended, the asker contacted us and booked a couple of days with us.

We paired him up with Redline Guide Pat Ferland. Day one was spent teaching winter and mountaineering skills. On the second day Pat brought our guest on a full day ski tour. In that time they skied not one, but two mountains. The time was fun, both great days, and we hope our guest learned a ton. Pat took a few photos from both days so we put them into a short compilation video.

Great job, Pat. Well done team. And to our guest, hopefully we earned your recommendation to the next person.

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