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Climb Condition One

Originally a two-day winter Presidential Range traverse, safety spoke and the plan was changed. Due to high winds on the exposed summits combined with extreme cold, Redline Guide Will Murphy, along with our guest, prudently felt they should redirect the traverse and focus closer to Madison Spring Hut where they camped and just grab two of the “4000-footers,” namely Madison (5367′) and Adams (5774′) in the morning. Seems like it was still one heck of an alpine experience, nonetheless.

Will offered this summary of the trip:

After our introductions and a gear check, we proceeded with the logistics of arranging a car spot, which is standard for a Presidential traverse. The weather and conditions would play a determining factor on the outcome. After all, our guest was interested in a winter Presidential Range traverse, which is a serious undertaking.
We arrived at the Appalachia parking lot and proceeded up the Valley Way Trail. Upon reaching the AMC’s Madison Spring Hut — and treeline — the weather and windchill were significant enough that we decided that hiking the additional distance to Edmands Col would simply carry too much risk. With that we adjusted plans to spend the night in the vicinity of the hut and opted for Mt Madison and Mt Adams on Sunday.
Sunday arrived with improving conditions with temperatures in the single digits and reduced winds. With that we summited Mt Madison and Mt Adams, the 5th and 2nd highest mountains in the Whites, respectively. All in all, it was a great weekend and our guest was thrilled with the attaining the summits. —Will

He also provided some photos and video clips which we turned into a vlog/trip report:

As an aside, thanks to our guest, the trip was nutritionally supported by delicious and nutritious Condition One meal replacement bars.

Good lead, Will, sound judgement, good times were had, we’d call it a success! Congratulations to our guest!

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