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Visit to Champney Falls

Originally the plan was to hike in to Sawyer Pond from the “Kanc” (Rte 112). It didn’t go as planned, however. The trailhead parking lot wasn’t plowed. Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire could have made it, anyway, in his Redline red Jeep Renegade, but he was worried the vehicle our returning guest was driving wouldn’t be able to handle the fresh snow. He had to think on his feet to save the day, so to speak. He had a few good options: Hedgehog Mtn, Boulder Loop, or maybe Champney Falls. Sure, Ryan likes to climb ice — and we will be talking about this subject in more detail really soon — so maybe that influenced his decision. Maybe he wanted to check out the condition of the ice (which was still quite wet and flowing in places). It’s okay though, Champney and Pitcher Falls are gorgeous. So much so that even non-ice climbers, like our guest, could appreciate the magical winter wonderland setting that is, as well. Since it is early season, and just after a winter storm, the team got to break trail, working their way snowshoeing through the fresh powder. As it turns out, they had an amazing day.

I will fear no evil…

Looks like the ice is just starting to become thick enough to maybe be climbable, but do note that water is still flowing. Climbers beware.

Breaking trail is fun and rewarding. Or something like that.

The crossing was a breeze.

Good job, Ryan, and to our guest: Thank you for adventuring with us.

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