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Storm Campers’ Backpack

The weather was perfect the entire time..,., well maybe. Click for a full size view to read the text.

Four days, three nights, and let’s throw in one tropical storm — Isaias — because we want to be unique. This was the situation with a backpack led by Redline Guide Nico Dubois. (Yep, he was at it again.) This time our group, four buddies looking for adventure, wanted to get out and do something different. Something exciting.

They actually had an adventure lined up, but their original plans got cancelled thanks to Covid-19 so they came to us. We were confident we could provide them the adventure they sought while keeping things safe at the same time. Provided the storm didn’t do them in.

They wanted a fairly low key adventure, with a focus on fun. Less so on gaining elevation. Something a little remote. Given all the possible options, we decided a trip through the dark side of the Pemigewasset Wilderness would be just the ticket.

Following the East Side, camping, moving beyond Stillwater Junction to Shoal Pond to camp — where they were for storm night. Luckily the storm passed fairly quickly, though what they experienced was pretty intense. Between Shoal Pond Trail and the storm, this was the most memorable day. They then hiked through Zealand Notch on day three and camped for yet another night. As a side tour, Nico led two of them to Zeacliff while the other two hung out at the Zealand hut. The final day saw a comfortable exit to Zealand Road. There was an option to hike more on that final day, but the gentlemen seemed satisfied.

Welcome to the jungle.

East Branch of the Pemi… home for the night.

The crossing at Stillwater Junction.

Shoal Pond. What a wild and beautiful area.

Ethan Pond Trail/Shoal Pond Trail junction.

The trip wouldn’t be complete without a stop to Thoreau Falls.

The rail grade on Ethan Pond Trail as it runs next to Whitewall Mountain through Zealand Notch.

Two go with Nico to Zeacliff.

The view from Zeacliff. Not too shabby eh?

The boardwalk on the exit is cool. Zealand Trail is pretty.

Everyone made it in one piece and they had a solid experience. A success is what we call that. (Love the jackets and Buffs.)

Great lead, Nico. And to the team of gents, well done. Thanks= for choosing Redline Guiding.

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