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Scar Ridge… Again

This is a popular one for us — probably because it’s so unpopular. And probably because it’s the hold-out NH New England Hundred Highest peak that isn’t clearly trailed by the human herd trying to score its summit. Yet. Yep, you read that right. There is no easy way to the upper reaches of Scar Ridge (3775′) other than to navigate thick woods battling the stickers and pencil woods along the way, and it can’t be beat provided it doesn’t rain of course and the bugs aren’t out. Sounds lovely, right? This is why people hire us to knock them out, stuff them in a sack, and carry them to the top of this mountain. Okay, not really. They have to hike it themselves so it’ll count.

Leading on his ninth trip up to this summit was Redline Guide Ken Hodges guiding a private tour for a single returning guest. A guest we think of as our friend, a yogi extraordinaire, and finder and forager of edible and medicinal plants and fungi. She puts our meager knowledge of that area of expertise, in fact, to shame… we must admit. So we won’t talk about that. Instead we will jump right ahead to the photos.

Soaked from rain on the way up. Great day nonetheless, foraging their way up the mountain.

Sunny ski ares slopes are rich with wild raspberries and strawberries. They feasted on their ascent.

Ken leads through the woods. (Guest photo.)

When in doubt, go up. (Guest photo.)

It’s a jungle out there. (Guest photo.)

Not easy walking, to be sure. (Guest photo.)

It’s a yogi thing. You wouldn’t understand.

Signing the register.

Almost smiling.

Tah-dah, another one in the books.

Great lead, Ken. Congrats to our yogi on another NEHH peak, and thanks for again choosing Redline Guiding.

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