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A Spring of 2020 Wedding

Congrats Tad & Monika — Married Jun 3, 2020

We decided we didn’t want to associate the title of this post with anything even remotely negative, but let’s face it, by “spring of 2020” we mean during the coronavirus pandemic, at a time when the nation is trying to re-open, all while tensions from racial inequality reach a boiling point and the world is rising in protest. This is what is going on in the world at this time in history. A time some folks are literally finding impossible, or damn challenging at the very least for the nearly everyone else. Worldwide.

Some relationships have been challenged as well. We’ve heard the stories. Quarantining and isolating at home have taken its toll forcing some couples together which has in turn driven a wedge between some of them. The hours together, the stress of the situation in general, and God only knows what else. For some it’s too much. Meanwhile, however, just when hope seems lost, love leads the way forcing aside all that is wrong today, replacing it with all that is right. While some connections cannot bear the times, others have come alive. A yin and yang — life is about balance.

A local couple reached out. They found each other, fell in love, and decided to marry. The times, the situation, the stresses of the world; these things did not deter them. Being together, for them, has brought them even closer. So much so that they wanted to get married on a mountain. One they frequently run: Peaked Mountain in Conway’s Green Hills Preserve. Joining them a family friend and their four-legged daughter. It was a simple wedding, early in the morning. Peaceful, pretty, perfect. The rest of the world, at this moment in time, no matter how dire, was briefly forgotten.

Scenes along the way.

This local mountain is one of their favorites.

Prepping for the event.

Everyone’s ready.

It’s happening.

Moments later, they are husband and wife. 🙂

A family photo.

The happy couple. Middle Mtn in the background.

Congratulations again! Your act of love brings light to the world. Thank you for this!

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