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Mt Crawford Hike

One of the less common routes to Mt Washington is via Davis Path. It’s less common because, simply put, it’d be a heck of a hike. Long miles with lots of gain. But, wow, what a way to go. On the way there is lots to see: Mt Isolation (one of the 4000-footers), Mt Davis, Stairs Mountain (one of the 52 With A View), Mt Resolution (also on the 52WAV list), and of course, the lovely Mt Crawford (also on the 52WAV list). The majority of people hiking on that trail are going there to that latter peak. At only 3119-feet, and being less than three miles in (it’s closest to the road), it’s a terrific choice for many. And being it’s less traveled than so many other mountains, it’s often an oasis of tranquility. Our guest from Michigan certainly seemed to enjoy it. On lead for this tour was Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak. He provided these photos:

Near the start of the historic Davis Path.

Our guest earning her summit.


Gear work, team!

Such a lovely view. Perfect day with endless visibility.

Fine lead, Jeffrey. Well done team and thank you for choosing Redline Guiding.

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