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Toughest Hike, Ever

When Redline Guide Ken Hodges reported that this hike was the toughest he had ever done, our hearts immediately went out to both he and our guest. We empathized with them all day starting that morning knowing they were setting out to do what is already respected as one of the tougher bushwhacks in the state — Scar Ridge (one of the New England Hundred Highest) — in the pouring rain. Schedules, unfortunately, forced them to set out on a miserable day sandwiched between two gorgeous ones. We can’t always luck out, apparently. But we try.

Pouring rain, thick fog leaving them with 0-100 feet of visibility, and unfortunately still deep snow in the woods along the ridge did not keep them from their goal, however. The snow was in fact deeper than they had anticipated and while it slowed them considerably, it didn’t stop the duo. Even when they were within sight of the summit canister, seeing that it was caged with blowdowns, they fought their way to the top. This hike was longer and tougher than expected but apparently both guide and guest were up to the task and for this we salute them. Surely this will stay in their memories for a long time. Here are a few photos detailing their ordeal.

The struggle is real.

The snowy ground conditions are tough.

It’s right there! Blocked by blowdowns.

But they find a way in.

Scar Ridge. Done!

They have a ways to go still, but in this moment they feel a sense of accomplishment.

Well done, both of you. Fine lead, Ken.

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