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A Mt Chocorua Wedding

Gregg and Laura — 8/8/18

If ever there was an iconic New Hampshire mountain — besides Mt Washington, Mt Lafayette, or Cannon Mtn (Profile) — the 3500-foot Mt Chocorua would fit the bill. After all, anyone and everyone coming up to the mountains on the east side of the state (via NH Route 16) sees this beautiful, rocky-topped mountain before all others usually. Many people see it, know it’s shorter than those 4000-footers, figure how to find a trail to its upper reaches, but then often grossly underestimate the mountain. It has a rocky, challenging summit that can be downright dangerous in some conditions. The day was not that day. The day was uncomfortable weather for hiking, and dangerous in its own right as a result, but it was a great day for a wedding.

The Wedding of Laura and Gregg

It was just last week that we were contacted by a New Hampshire couple, Gregg and Laura. They asked if we could officiate a wedding on short notice outside the historic Jim Liberty Cabin on Mt Chocorua. We live for this sort of thing and replied, “of course.” Arrangements were made right over the phone, details handled on the spot. It was to be a simple, informal affair consisting of the bride, groom, and our Justice of the Peace and Redline Guiding owner, Mike Cherim.

Groom, bride, and officiant. This is all that is required.

Mike had to meet another couple (to discuss their up and coming nuptials) in the mid-morning so a later start was needed. That was okay with Gregg and Laura so they planned to meet at the Cabin at 3:00pm. As it was, Mike ended up being 55 minutes early — plenty of time to cool down. The bride and groom were also already there, just down by the water source when Mike arrived, but soon came back to the cabin. The time was now.

A valued part of New Hampshire mountain history.

After a quick discussion about the beautifully-choreographed ceremony — complete with vows written by the bride and groom — the services began. Nobody was around so video was taken with a smart phone leaning up against a stick. Or so they thought. As it turned the phone didn’t record the ceremony. Mike said “no problem, let’s just do it again.” Since a bystander had come into their midst nearing the end of the first take, Gregg asked him if he wouldn’t mind filming it. He eagerly and kindly said yes. Hopefully we will get to view it. It was a lovely, touching experience.

What follows are a few more photos of the ceremony…

High heel boots… with springs!

The lovely bride.

The recitation of their vows. Beautiful.

The happy newlyweds.

Congratulations to you Gregg and Laura! May your days be good and long upon the earth.

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