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Spring is in the Air

Springtime brings us longer days and generally milder weather. It has its challenges, usually in the form of soft snow, postholing, dripping trees, weakened snow bridges, and iffy river crossings — plus it still gets cold at night — but there’s so much to do at this time of year blending winter with the rest of the year. Below are examples of some of the cool, useful, and fun things you can do with us at this awesome time of year.

Climb Mt Washington
It’s still winter up there to be sure, but due to the longer days and the power of the sun, old man winter is slowing loosening his grip on the mountain. It’s a terrific time to get it done.
Mountaineering Skills
This is a fantastic time of year to take this course as the weather often makes it more enjoyable. Once the local ski areas close — like the awesome Black Mountain in Jackson — our access to usable terrain is great.
Master Glacier Skills
If climbing in glaciated terrain this spring/summer — Mt Rainier, for example — this preparatory course is amazing. It’s very thorough and intensive, after which you will be ready to travel on a glacier and perform crevasse rescue.
Backcountry Skiing (Alpine Touring)
You’ve heard of spring corn, right? Let’s go harvest some. We will share some of our favorite ravines, gullies, and snowfields for spring skiing. Or teach you how to get after it if you’re new to the sport.
Camp Craft (Backpacking)
Starting early in your backpacking efforts is wise, get out there before the summer crowds and before bugs come out in force. Let us show you some of our special spots, or teach you how to camp.
Hiking Introduction
New to hiking? Springtime marks the start of the season so let’s not wait. Get out there early. We can show you to ropes and start you on a what will hopefully be a safe and enjoyable first season.
Wilderness Navigation
As soon as the snow is off the ground and the mud dries some, this course will begin. Learn how to navigate in the backcountry like a pro this year, or just feel more at home on trail. We can help in any case.
Wilderness Medicine
If heading into the backcountry to do anything, this is incredibly important knowledge you should have. Since we have a WFA course scheduled for April 28-29, we figured this should also be mentioned in our spring lineup.

Aside from the Wilderness First Aid course mentioned above (which you can register for using the short form right on our Wilderness Medicine page), everything we offer is customized to suit your wants and needs and is done on your schedule. Book now and tell us when you’re ready to spring into action.

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