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In the Warmth of Love

Congratulations Jeena and Carter.

Sure, we love guiding outdoor adventures and we enjoy the satisfaction of offering wilderness education to others, but one of the things that really warms our hearts are the weddings we perform. This is fortunate on some days. Like Saturday, November 11th, for example. It was pretty nippy out as you will recall. We needed all the heartwarming we could get. Thankfully we had two weddings that day. The first one was for Jeena and Carter. This blog entry is dedicated to them (see the other one).

The Wedding of Jeena and Carter

The ceremony was held at Glen Ellis Falls near the height of land in Pinkham Notch on 11/11 at 11-something. It’s getting pretty icy on the walk going in and around the edges, but the parking lot was still open and the place was still brimming with visitors. The weather as was said was cold. That didn’t seem to bother our bride and groom, though. Well, maybe a little shivering occurred. The photos showing some of the formal attire may reveal why. Sure, the sun is shining in, but water was freezing and the wind was blowing. Officiating the ceremony was Redline Guide and owner, Mike Cherim, who is also a New Hampshire Justice of the Peace. With him was Guide and Photographer, Álvaro Marques. Álvaro was working in his latter role of photographer (all photos by him except where noted). This is a service we offer for those who want some solid photography but don’t have a big budget. We could charge more, but it’s a labor of love.

They make it look like it’s warm out.

In the presence of those who love…

The hike in. (Photo by Mike.)

Here comes mommy.

The gang’s all here.

In the presence of those who laugh…

Álvaro doing his thing. (Photo by Mike.)

Baselayer garter. (Photo by Mike.)

Psst… I love you.

In the presence of each other…

Icy palace.

You certainly may.

What a beautiful couple.

Again Jeena and Carter, congratulations. We wish you the very best in your future as husband and wife!

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