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Guided Inn-to-Inn Hike

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Day Two: Hiking the Boott Spur to Lion Head Loop

Crossing the Cutler River.

Lots of folks know we’re keen on Boott Spur so when it no longer made sense to hike Kearsarge North to Mt Bartlett, then to Mt Surprise, the “Rock Pile” seemed like the next best thing. Moreover, Althea and Sylvia requested it. Jeffrey had no objections. He is working on 100 Mt Washington summits, anyway. Heading in that direction can help. A summit, unfortunately, wasn’t going to be in the cards. It is getting to be that time of year when we take turnaround times more seriously. Based on the hour, Jeffrey decided that they should just make the loop. It was a good call. And that’s okay. Not only will the mountain be there another day, what they did experience was pretty phenomenal.

Endless exquisite views, alpine grasses gently blowing in the breeze, a warming fall sunshine, and hardly any other people around to take away from the experience — it’s one of the benefits to taking the road less traveled. It’s what our two hikers enjoyed on their day two in the New Hampshire mountains. The Inn-to-Inn part didn’t go as planned. The Awesome-to-Awesome part, however, is holding up just fine. The photos tell the tale.

Obligatory Crystal Cascade visit. It IS on the way.

From here the trail gets NE nice.

The usual outlooks along the way. One of the best views of Tuckerman Ravine.

Now with Boott Spur behind them hey continue on admiring the stunning vistas along the way.

The wind blows but this is really tame weather for Mt Washington. They’re lucky to have it this way.

Taking a break during the descent. It’s tough to leave when it’s like this.

The White Mountains are notoriously rugged.

Jeffrey relishes this. We understand.

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