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Hut-to-Hut “Presi”

The team on the summit of Mt Washington (6288′).

Another one in the books, a custom hike our guest, Tom, will remember for years to come: an amazing, incredible-weather “classic” — meaning from Madison to Pierce — Presidential Range Traverse. This tour was led by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. To manage this feat, we opted to offer a “Hut-to-Hut” Traverse utilizing the AMC’s Madison Spring Hut for the first night, then the AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds Hut on night two. It was a well conceived, well executed plan.

This Monday through Wednesday I guided my new best friend Tom over the Presidential range. It was his first time in the White Mountains and he enlisted Redline Guiding to make sure he would have a safe and enjoyable time. Smart guy that Tom. —Arlette

They didn’t Summit everything due to time constraints and pacing, but they did bag Madison, Adams, Washington, and Eisenhower as well. Well done, team. Now, here are a few amazing photos from their trip.

Three days of adventure in the White Mountains. Photos courtesy of Arlette.

Starting out.

Red says…

Ascending Airline Trail.

Making Madison — look at those smiles!

Red success!

Still beaming on day two.

Such incredible weather.

Even THIS is beautiful.

The views!

Everyone loves it.

Three days of magic.

Still feeling it near the end… Woo-hoo!

Way to go Arlette and Tom! And Tom… thanks for choosing Redline Guiding. It looks like you had a pretty good time.

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