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Tackling Nancy

Nancy Cascades on the way in.

In May of this year Redline Guide Ken Hodges guided a single guest, a fellow from Maine named Bob, on an attempt of Mt Nancy: a 3926-foot tall New Hampshire Peak found on the New England Hundred Highest list. A list Bob is working on, with our help. During that attempt the pair were slowed to a crawl thanks to spring conditions. Due to the constant postholing of a remnant snow “monorail” the team ended up bailing out with a promise to come back and try again. They did. And this time they succeeded. Here’s Ken’s take:

[…] Bob and I set out on our second go at Mt Nancy. Our first attempt a month ago was thwarted by deep snow on the trail. This time we were accompanied by several 100-thousand hungry mosquitoes. The day was sunny, [in the] 70s, and humid with a chance of rain later in the day. The stream crossings were much easier than last time but Nancy Cascades are still impressive. The ponds are as picturesque as ever. We took a few breaks along the way and started up the bushwhack about 11:30. The herd path is twice as wide as the last time I was here, which was about 10 years ago. We had a pleasant break at the summit and started down around 1:45. Once down to around 2650-feet elevation we realized that it had rained in that zone, down to 2400 feet. We also scared off a moose feeding in Nancy Pond. All in all, it was a great day to be on the trail. Congratulations Bob! —Ken Hodges

What he said, congratulations Bob! We’re grateful you two survived the mosquitoes. Here are a few more photos:

The Mt Nancy summit after a pretty, albeit steep, path up. Great view point here though clouded this day.

End of the line, the west end of Norcross Pond. A lovely spot, to be sure.

Let’s zoom in on that view behind Bob in the photo above.

Oh, and speaking of Norcross Pond. Ahh.

Bob leading the exit out.

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