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Natural and Historic Tours

New Offering! We’re proud to annouce natural and historic guided tours in the White Mountain region. You may have already heard about our up-and-coming June 10th Alpine Garden Tour, but you probably didn’t know that was just a hint of things to come. The Alpine Garden, as you now know, is but just one guided tour option.

We now also offer the following naturalist-led tours:

Alpine Garden Tour
Rare plants bloom on the Northeast’s highest peak for just a few weeks every year. Learn about the ecology of the alpine zone on our tour of Mt Washington’s beautiful alpine garden! Be driven up by can, then hike across the Alpine Garden in a loop. This tour is very limited, available early June only! (See open event.)
Lonesome Lake Bog Tour
Lonesome Lake is a pristine glacial tarn featuring a fascinating bog habitat. Hike up to the bog to look for rare carnivorous plants and learn about the unique adaptations required to survive in this ecosystem, then stop at the AMC hut for a snack or sit on the dock and enjoy the spectacular view of Franconia Ridge. Available May-September.
Mt Washington Tour
Enjoy a ride up the historic Mt Washington Auto Road by van, then hike down to the AMC’s Lakes of the Clouds hut, exploring the mountain’s unique history along the way. This tour allows time for visits to the Mt Washington Observatory and the Extreme Mt Washington Museum. Available May-October
Old Growth Forest Tour
Although most of the region’s forests were logged at the turn of the century, a few pockets of old-growth forest remain. This tour will show you where to find these majestic trees and offers discussion about why they are so special and more. Available April-November
Trees, Ferns, and Flowers Tour
Are you curious to learn more about the plants you encounter on the trail? This tour will focus on identifying the most common species of trees, ferns, and flowers in the region. Pick your favorite destination or let us choose a lovely spot to explore our local flora. Available May-September
Custom Nature/Historic Tours
Is there a special place in the White Mountain National Forest you’d like to know more about, or a particular topic in natural or cultural history that interests you? Let us know and we’ll put together a custom Guided Nature or Historic Tour to meet you or your group’s needs. In fact, we can turn any adventure into a learning one… just ask. Available April-November

Want more? You can have it. You can effectively turn any Redline Guiding Adventure into a guided nature tour. Just ask.

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