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Through the Eyes of Gignoux

The White Mountain Landscape.

“On assignment” describes the undercurrent of today’s half day adventure. Contracted by Alan Gignoux of London, descendent of an 1800s artist who worked in oils, Régis Gignoux, and his friend Jenny, we were to locate a probable location from which the painting (inset, click to enlarge view) was visualized and sketched.

The only problem is that the exact view doesn’t actually exist. It was thought that the scene was of the Great Gulf, while others felt the view represented Crawford Notch. Due to a failure of technology, we started late and were forced to forego the hike to Clay — for now — and instead opted for Mt Willard and the potential of that Crawford Notch view. It’s not the view, this much we’re sure, but it was indeed indicative and impressively breathtaking to say the least.

Here are some photos from our hike:

Getting started at the Crawford Depot.

They made this crossing easily.

Crawford Notch, certainly the subject of an oil painting somewhere.

A long way down.

Wow, an incredible landscape.

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