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Get the book instead. When it’s released, that is (spring, 2018). What book you ask? Well, we’re talking about a book we are sponsoring and will ultimately have a small role in, at least on the research front, and that book is: The White Mountain, 365 Days of Mischief and Adventure on Mt Washington, by renown travel writer and journalist Dan Szczesny (published by Hobblebush Books). Stay tuned for more information over the coming months about the book and some of our plans for the next year, including a pretty special and exciting adventure in the making. In the mean time, here are some words from the author’s site:

From the vaulted heights of New England’s highest peak, Travel Writer and Journalist Dan Szczesny will spend a year exploring the very heart of the White Mountains. But Mt Washington—home of the world’s worst weather—is more than just a Rock Pile, it’s the cultural and natural soul of climbers and tourists from around the world. From car races to bird watching, from bikes to motorcycles, from the railroad to the stars to a centuries old observatory, Mt Washington speaks to the adventurer in all of us, and Dan plans on turning his veteran journalist’s eye toward capturing it all in his new book, The White Mountain (available spring, 2018). –

Do check out Dan’s site for more info about the author, and for book info, tour dates, and whatnot, please check out the official Facebook page.

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