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Falling for Fall

One day up — making for the top of a mountain — then one day across staying low, going slow, and having a stellar experience on a couple of New Hampshire’s awesome trails. Specifically, Redline Guide Arlette Laan, brought a new guest all the way from Austin, Texas (currently living in Boston) to the summit of the 4780ft Mt Eisenhower via Edmands Path on day one, […]

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Crab Walk Butt Slide

Wow, we’re going to get spoiled. We asked Redline Guide Mike Maciel for a few tidbits about a recent trip he led. He quickly replied that he did, but they still resided in the comments field. He didn’t hit “Send.” But when he finally did, we had before us this awesome summary of what sounds like a really fun and exciting trip rich with history and […]

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Bonding with the Twins

A returning guest, working one-on-one with her go-to hiking companion, Redline Guide Phoebe Seltzer, came up with a delightful plan that would result in edging her very close to completing the hiking of all 48 of the New Hampshire 4000-footers. After this trip, three peaks remain (Wildcats and Mt Flume). And then… well, the 48 isn’t the end. It is but one part of the overall […]

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Gotta Touch Them All

Most of the writing on this blog is penned by owner, Mike Cherim — weirdly talking about himself in the third person but he’s getting used to it (look, he’s doing it again). Every now and then, however, the guide on the trip being written about likes to jump in and share their perspective, in their words. That’s how this post is going to play out. […]

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A.T. Finisher, Age 74, Finds Her Bear

Debby’s trailname is “Bear Repellent” because over the decades while trying to section out the Appalachian Trail she had never spotted a bear. Finally, however, in the nick of time we might add, Bear Repellent got to meet a bear named Prince Hairy, a mere three feet from her finish line in Tennessee. We wanted to literally be there to help welcome her to the end […]

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Point to Point Perfect

Some hikes are what we call “out-‘n’-backs” if the route takes us… well, out and back. Others are what we refer to as “loop hikes” (sometimes with a common lollipop stem, so to speak, from which the loop is formed). Those are obviously named as such because they start and end in the same place like the out-‘n’-back type. But unlike the out-‘n’-back, the loop style […]

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Visiting the Owl

We know that many people don’t like hiking to Owl’s Head — one of our more remote 4000-footers. The say it’s a long, seemingly endless hike. Relentless at the end as hikers make their finishing moves in slow motion on a barely angled surface with what feels like an endless number of straight sections that just make us want to cry… or scream. We know. Not […]

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Remote NH Wilderness

When we say “remote New Hampshire Wilderness,” does the Wild River come to mind? It may; and justifiably so we would say. To us here in North Conway/Bartlett/Intervale, the Wild River is fairly close at hand. And two nearby towns abut this area, Jackson and Chatham. Three if you include the unincorporated township of Beans Purchase. But the Wild River is often overlooked as a destination. […]

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