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Escape to Sawyer Pond

Some folks live busy, super productive lives. Professionals. Many dwell in urban areas, staying close to the action, enjoying its riches like the neighborhood coffee shop, or the small butcher or purveyor of fruits and vegetables found in the little market located at the end of the block. The ceaseless hum and buzz of cities invades every part of their beings, to the point that it […]

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Healing Backpacking Trip

Nature is pretty amazing. Feeling down? Head out for a few days to reorder your priorities, clear your mind, and help your body work as its meant to. To move, breathe, to live. It feels good. A returning guest, introducing us to another friend of hers, really needed this trip. It was overdue. To make it really special, really as quiet and as alone as possible, […]

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Tripyramids Loopish

If preferring multiple routes on the Tripyramids — two of our beloved 48 4000-footers — in hopes of mixing things up to keep things interesting, creating a loop-ish sort of thing with Pine Bend Brook and Sabbaday Brook Trails is a terrific idea. That’s what Redline Guide Nico Dubois decided to do when leading an oft-returning guest as she works on her list. North and Middle […]

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Fast Forward Washington

Posted in a weird reverse order, the other day we told you about a family we led on a Mountain Pond Loop hike mentioning at the time that one member preceded that trip with a jaunt up the 6288′ Mt Washington (our biggest “4000-footer“) and that we’d be posting about it eventually. That time is now. This trip was led by Redline Guide Nico Dubois. Nico […]

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The Bonds Backpack

[…] we savor both the accomplishment and the wonder. —Will Murphy The Bonds are awesome. And sometimes, like on this trip, led by Redline Guide Will Murphy, they are beyond awesome. When the day rains hold off, when the alpine breezes blow, and when the soup of weather swirls away to reveal a perfect day, these things come together to create something truly wondrous. Will kindly […]

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Two-Day Navigation Class

We recently ran a two-day Wilderness Navigation class for a mother-daughter team. Nothing unusual there, except for one thing: we rarely ever make blog posts about our classes due to a few factors, but this time, seemingly to the amusement of our guests, we made a whole 22:33 motion picture about their experience. Check it out (contains some reminders for past students)… Great job everyone!

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“The Best Guided Hike”

Redline Guiding provides unparalleled service in the realm of guide services. Folks say stuff like that when we lead them into paradise and their minds are blown. They see photos and watch videos, but in person it’s something else, not entirely describable. Inasmuch we have to admit that our video productions, the one below and any we’ve ever done, will only clue folks in so much […]

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Slow and Steady, Part II

Our team from the Slow and Steady NH Women Hikers group — a private, closed group — did it again, in that members of their group joined our guides on another adventure; this time with more stable weather. On lead for this trip was Redline Guide Deb Dunn and according to our guests, she did great. Below you will find some content from Deb highlighting their […]

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Warriors Hike

Over the winter we have been offering classes to Veterans in the Wounded Warrior Project. Due to their national reach combined with the challenges of Covid-19, these classes have all been virtual. It’s been great, but even greater was to meet some of these folks in person, at least from this region, once again. This wasn’t our first hike with them, last time we made our […]

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Jackson History-Walking Tour

We are sometimes asked to do things that, for us, are outside the norm. If we feel we can deliver to our usual and now expected level of service, however, we try. For example, we’ve twice offered a convenient porter service setting up someone’s backpacking camp for them so they didn’t have to so they could better enjoy the hike. Then there was that time we […]

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