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Not Here, Not Now

The Epic of Dan McGinness… a True Story The following is a story of self-rescue. A tale of being involuntarily stranded overnight; forced to bivouac. A situation resulting not from injury, but from an unrecoverable navigational challenge. The time and place is near-winter on the Presidential Range — which is like real-winter everywhere else. It’s a tale of preparation, sound thinking, and courage spelling the difference […]

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Marrying Hikers

Stephanie and Tom found us on Google and realized our Justice of the Peace Mike Cherim would be a perfect choice for their wedding service at the Thompson House Eatery (T.H.E.) in Jackson, NH. Not because Mike officiates mountain-top and wilderness weddings — which clearly this venue doesn’t qualify — but because hiking is a significant part of their lives and Mike is an avid hiker. […]

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Wonderful Wonalancet Wedding

From California, bride and groom Patrice and Austin requested a wedding in the field adjacent to the quaint and surperbly picturesque Union Church. What a great spot. It’s so pretty there. To anyone who has hiked out of the Ferncroft trailhead — serving Blueberry Ledge and Dicey’s Mills trails to name but two — has driven right by this church and its neighboring field before. What […]

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Wet ‘n’ Wild Willard Wedding

The bride and groom, Kara and Garrett, wanted a wedding in the wilds. They sought energy which would preferably be represented by the presence of water. They also desired a more intimate gathering absent of hoardes of strangers. Moreover, they needed a location with fairly easy hike-in access for non-hikers. At one point it was also planned to have a drone shoot footage so consideration of […]

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White Mountains Vacation

Hailing from Connecticut, our most recent guest, Juliane, requested multiple days of hiking starting with a classic Franconia Ridge loop. On assignment for this — now that he’s back from his trip to France and Italy — was Redline Guide Jeffery Shutak. Jeffrey wanted to make a good impression on Juliane’s first tour with us and first visit to the state so naturally he found a […]

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Guides in Overdrive

We really like to share the cool things our guides do when they’re not out there guiding. And they do a lot. So much, in fact, it’s hard to keep up. We recently mentioned that Redline Guide Bill Robichaud just finished his Appalachian Trail thru-hike. And while our focus was on that piece, Arlette Laan finished hiking the New England Trail with her husband, Rich. Jeffrey […]

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Close and Remote

The 2726′ Iron Mountain in Jackson, NH, is unlike many of the other “smaller” mountains so close to the floor of the Mt Washington Valley. It’s rugged, severely eroded in places exposing many rocks and roots, it has some steep bits, and it’s seemingly wild; it feels very remote. It’s a rustic, quiet mountain, and that quiet heightens the experience. It’s a great mountain — one […]

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Fourteen States

Redline Guide Bill Robichaud went on a long walk. He began by hiking up a little mountain in Georgia on a hot April morning, then ending some four-and-a-half months later on Baxter Peak of Mt Katahdin in Maine. The trail? Why, it was the 2190-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail (better known as the AT), of course. And Bill took it on — as “Science Guy” (a […]

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Triple Trek Tuesday

It’s that time of year when hikers swell in numbers up here in the White Mountain National Forest resulting in us having three trips in the same weekday! Two were private tours: one, a trip to Iron Mountain (elv. 2726′) in Jackson for a regularly returning pair of local hikers getting back into it led by Redline Guide and owner Mike Cherim; and the second a […]

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Best Part of Our Vacation!

The testimony is the title; and the title, the testimony. That says a lot. What also says a lot is that these words are from returning guests and that, perhaps, is the greatest testimony of all. And by “returning guests,” we’re not talking about folks returning to us from last year. Not last season. Not even last month. This trio of now-addicted hikers first came to […]

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Wedding by the Eagle

It was a warm, summery evening at the lovely ceremony grounds located on the Eagle Mountain House property in Jackson, NH. It was there that our Justice of the Peace and Redline Guiding owner Mike Cherim would officiate the marriage of Dan and Beth. While it was a formally attired affair, it was also laid back just like the bride and groom themselves. At their request […]

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Huntington Ravine, Today?

That’s what we were asked first thing in the morning: “Can you supply a guide for me today? I would like to ascend Huntington Ravine.” Quite the question to wake up to but Redline Guide and owner Mike Cherim responded by saying “okay” — despite having gone to bed at 2:00am and needing to make a must-do phone call at around ten. Fortunately his wonderful wife, […]

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