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Hiking Buddies: Spring, ’24 (2)

The first group was for hikers aged 17-25. For them it was a free training opportunity funded by Hiking Buddies and delivered and discounted by Redline Guiding! The objective and result was a group to trained and certified folks heading into the hills. This second group was a bit different in that this one was for members aged 26-126 — old people — and it wasn’t […]

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Left and Right Gullies

Most of the photos revealed a bit of an overcast, but in a video we were given (see below), blue skies and sunshine did grace the day. Also present in the video was what looked and sounded like some decent ground conditions and some fun skiing. On lead for this one-on-one backcountry ski tour on Left and Right Gullies in Tuckerman Ravine (on Mt Washington) was […]

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Freedom of the Hill

A young couple, eager for adventure, wisely chose the get trained before heading out and risking life and limb. They came to us for a full day Mountaineering Skills course to begin this process. There’s lots to know and a ways to go, but the info learned this day laid a solid foundation upon which to build. Now the repetition starts, the objective to have it […]

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Two-Day Navigoodness

From our half-day brush-up to our full two-day advanced session, our Wilderness Navigation course is all that. As it should be. It was built on a solid foundation and we’ve been tweaking it for over 12 years striving all the while to make it practical and usable here in the White Mountain National Forest. The one-day offering is our default and it’s what we recommend when […]

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Prepping for Adventure

Venturing into the Cascades and the Alps will be an experience and our guests plan to take on Mont Blanc in August. From us they just wanted a little training. Redline Guide Pat Ferland spent a day-and-a-half with them going over mountaineering and glacier skills. […] We went over to Black Mountain Ski Area in Jackson to work on our glacier travels skills, walking as a […]

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Hiking Buddies: Spring, ’24 (1)

This is a special event offering qualifying participants, ages 17-25, free training funded by Hiking Buddies and delivered and discounted by Redline Guiding! To learn more, visit this page. For our Hiking Buddies we did things a little differently this season. Instead of two days of classes, this year we opted for one day of classes — dropping the backpacking segment at this time — followed […]

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Owls Head in the Spring

Hiking Owls Head in the spring can be quite rough, quite challenging (like a lot of New Hampshire’s trails). We know first-hand the difficulties may include post-holing on disintegrating monorails, slush falling on you, the very length of the thing, and of course being swept to the sea while crossing melt-flooded streams is also a thing — typical spring dangers, of course. And this is with […]

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Hope Springs Eternal

It is human nature always to find fresh cause for optimism. We open the door letting in some fresh air kissed by the sun. Winter ebbs like a tide, receding and becoming less of a threat or concern. It’s not even cold today, and in the sun it’s actually warm — hot if you’re doing something in it. True to the words of Robin Williams: “Spring […]

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Hello Green Screen Tours

The mountain will be there another day is what they tell you, but will you be? Nobody’s getting any younger. The Seven Summits aren’t going to hike themselves, but you have to work. You have to feed your kids, you have a spouse, friends, family, co-workers. The time press is relentlessly squeezing. Just getting to the park to walk the dog is a thing nowadays. Here […]

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Finding Your Limit

The family had done some hiking through Scouting and personally, just for fun. It’s something they really enjoyed. The most recent hike was Moosilauke. And that was back in September. The family’s matriarch decided a winter trip in the mountains, complete with some critical training, would be both adventurous and fun. She decided that this would be a perfect gift for herself and two teenage sons. […]

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Intro to Backcountry Skiing

This backcountry skiing intro class took a little while to come together but finally it did, and it was held on a gorgeous day telling us it was probably worth the wait. The last attempt to make it happen didn’t go as planned. Not sure what the issue was, but probably weather — it’s a theme around these parts. Originally Redline Guide Pat Ferland was going […]

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Cannon Mtn Stunt Hiker

It was a last minute thing. The message came in, a hiking companion had to bail (the daughter), and going it alone in winter conditions just wasn’t going to happen because, quite simply, it’s more dangerous. A companion was needed! We answered the call. Redline Guide Chase Hall was available and ready to take the lead. Stunt Hiker, at your service! Our guest, actually returning to […]

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