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Wayside Shotgun Wedding

We’re going to leave you guessing about the “shotgun wedding” part of this post’s title — that particular nugget is just for the bride and groom — but we will gladly offer explanation of the “wayside” part of it. The wayside at which this lovely couple held their lightly western-themed wedding, is located way up in Colebrook NH. Specifically it’s the Beaver Brook Falls State Wayside. […]

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Buffs Are Back in Stock

Our popular Sunshields (a brand of Buff) sold out so we ordered some more. Based on demand last year, we have two colors back in stock: red and gray. The red seems to be the most popular. Order yours today with the form below. These one-size-fits-all-teens-to-adults essential articles of clothing can be used in myriad ways by hikers, climbers, skiers, and others, from hat to balaclava, […]

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The Best of 2020

EDITORIAL: The Best of 2020? Really? (Heavy sigh.) Okay, to hell with 2020. We know it, you know it, enough is enough. Caution-fatigued to the max, right? Nonetheless, the hope and promise of a new year is upon us. We don’t think anyone is expecting great relief right from the start of 2021, but hopefully by the time we reach its end enough of the population […]

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Lessons in Layering

Some of our guests return to us over and over again. It makes sense to us: they are working on lists like the New England Hundred Highest, the Terrifying 25, the 52-with-a-View, or the 4000-footers and we provide security, guidance, even companionship — we’ve got your back — and so much more, really. And each trip is different — both guides and guests having gotten something […]

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A Saco Lake Wedding

The plan was to meet in front of the Crawford Train Depot then hike up Mt Willard and perform the service there. Problem was the weather was so horrible in the parking lot — wind driven snow screaming past us sideways — that they couldn’t even fathom the idea of hiking up into it further. What they needed, actually, was protection from the gusts tearing through […]

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Three Hikes After Christmas

Our December is off to a slower than normal start but it’s to be expected. Between the lack of snow thanks to some recent rains, coupled with a lot of people’s Covid-uncertainty, it sort of stands to reason. Thus, we’re grateful this week is starting to ramp up and January is beginning to look decent. Having just added an Ice Climbing Introductory Course to our offerings, […]

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Will Murphy Joins the Team

We’re pleased to announce that Will Murphy has joined Redline Guiding’s family of guides. We’ve known Will for a while through our volunteer association in Search and Rescue and we know he has the right temperament and personality: a great mix of hard and soft skills. And a love of the mountains. Will just needs to get his medical certifications in order, earning his WFR — […]

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Visit to Champney Falls

Originally the plan was to hike in to Sawyer Pond from the “Kanc” (Rte 112). It didn’t go as planned, however. The trailhead parking lot wasn’t plowed. Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire could have made it, anyway, in his Redline red Jeep Renegade, but he was worried the vehicle our returning guest was driving wouldn’t be able to handle the fresh snow. He had to think on […]

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Conquering Moosilauke

They will peer into the mysterious bottomless abysses, admiring what they can only imagine, and they will note and relish the frozen, ice-covered rocks and plants close and all around them. And when it’s really thick up there, some will smile at nothing, for no real reason […] Quite a ways south and west of our location here in the Mount Washington Valley, hikers will find […]

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One Year Later…

A year ago a New Hampshire couple decided to get married, the groom proposing to the bride on a snowy Artists Bluff situated as a prominence on Bald Mountain (2340′) located the northern terminus of Franconia Notch. Despite highway noises from I-93 running through the notch, and the potential for crowds, it is a stunning location with impressive views. Though do take note, however, in that […]

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Waumbek in the Weather

It’s not exactly winter yet (though there’s less than a month to go), but more and more the change of seasons is becoming apparent, particularly in the mountains. That’s what the team saw on our latest hike. A returning guest working on her 48 4000-footers asked for a guide to accompany her on 4006-foot Mt Waumbek. This would be peak number twelve for our guest. The […]

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