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Continuing the Quest

Our returning guest had attempted the 6288′ Mt Washington years ago — back in 1986 — ascending the mountain via the notorious Huntington Ravine Trail with some friends. She made it that day, but she was quite shaken by the experience, at least as much as she was exhilarated. Unfortunately, having gotten a ride down the mountain that day, that trial by fire didn’t officially count […]

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How Hikers Stay Warm

They would come up to us guides, trying to stay composed, but their eyes would be wild with mild terror edging toward panic. “My hands/feet/whatever are so effing cold… please help me.” Experience with this sort of thing as guides meant we understood precisely what was going on and how to solve it. But it was never done in the way our guests would think we […]

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Cardigan Mountain Swedding

We called mother nature (even though normally nature calls us) and the conversation went like this: “Hi, we’d like to order up an amazing 60- to 70-degree day topped off by a jaw-dropping sunset.” We added: “For a wedding.” Nature replied: “Sure, when would you like this, and do you want rain with that?” “November 7th, 2020,” we replied, “and, um, NO on the rain.” There […]

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Baseline Established

A family approached us hoping to do some mountaineering skills training then apply what they learn on a mountaineering trip on Mt Washington with us later this winter. First thing, though, they needed to establish their baseline conditioning. The family was fit, runners, so their cardio was good, but hiking on our rugged trails is different. It uses different muscle groups. This they found out. The […]

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Starting Part Two

Sometimes our trips are pretty exciting. Pushing limits, battling weather, conquering fears — testing the waters, so to speak, on wicked rugged trails in the White Mountain National Forest. And some of our guests live for that sort of thing. Others, however, are perfectly content with a simple, relaxed day in the mountains with gorgeous weather bagging a couple of 4000-footers on the list. Nothing more, […]

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Taking on the Osceolas

Located in the Sandwich Range — although not in the wilderness — are two NH 4000-footers going by the name of Mt Osceola and East Osceola, the elevations being 4340- and 4156-feet, respectively. The former offers delightful eastward-plus views from a rocky summit ledge of bare rock. They hiked up from Tripoli Road which links I-93 to Waterville Valley offering an alternative to Route 49, at […]

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Ryan Goes Alpine

Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire has been busy this fall with his professional development becoming an Apprentice Alpine Guide under the auspices of the American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA). For Ryan’s personal and professional aspirations in the area of high altitude mountaineering, this is an ideal route for him to take. This certification, once received, will assure anyone that he is held against an incredibly thorough international […]

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Winter Presidential Traverse

To turn a phrase: “The Ryan is Calling and You Must Go.” Meaning Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire really wants to get people stoked for single- and multi-day Northern, Southern, and Classic Presidential Traverses this winter. The “Classic” being Mt Madison through to Mt Pierce. If he has his way, the Post Office will start delivering his mail to Edmand’s Col or the summit of Mt Washington. […]

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Southern Belles on MW

When we got the call the person on the other end of the line asked us an honest and simple question: “We’re experienced hikers, do we really need a guide on Mt Washington?” Our reply was that sometimes you and sometimes you don’t, most of the time people can get away without one. It’s not a sales pitch, obviously, and it is quite true. We told […]

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Jefferson Ravine, Part 2

When we were first hired to lead an exploration into Jefferson Ravine we tried to take it on from the west side hiking up and over the ridge though skirting around Mt Jefferson, but that trip came up short. We tried but connecting talus top to bottom, and while almost actually possible, at the very end it ended up being a no-go. The team enjoyed the […]

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A Walk in the Woods

Sometimes when you don’t get everything you wanted, you still get exactly what you needed. Most of the time our guests learn a lot from our guides, and not just during the classes we offer, but even on our hikes. Every once in a while, however, it comes right back at us. One guest didn’t complete her hike because she wasn’t feeling it — and we […]

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