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Two New “Woofers”

Congratulations to Redline Guiding Mountain Guides Arlette Laan and Ken Hodges for completing their schooling and earning their Wilderness First Responder (WFR) certifications. Since protecting our guests and others we may lead by being ready to meet their basic emergency medical needs in the mountains is critically important (and a requirement before leading), we are extremely pleased to be able to make this announcement. The schooling […]

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Alpine Touring (AT) Now Offered

At the urging of one of our guests, we sought the guidance of our insurer, hoping really for a quote on a rider to our existing policy — one allowing us to lead backcountry skiing tours on Alpine Touring or AT gear. We were under the impression this activity wasn’t one of our covered activities. As it turns out we cannot teach downhill skiing in the […]

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Snowshoeing Versus Barebooting

Should people use snowshoes on snow-covered hiking trails in the White Mountain National Forest in the winter or do without? For those who aren’t aware of it, this subject is a hotly debated topic. Every year someone will innocently ask if they should wear snowshoes and, without fail, a firestorm will ensue. Every year, that is, that people have had access to a public forum where […]

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Redline Guide: Ken Hodges

Hoping to help you get to know our mountain guides just a little better, we’d like to offer the following: Ken’s Bio Introduction: Ken, of Amesbury MA, began hiking with the Boy Scouts, summitting Mt.Washington at age twelve. He has since hiked the New Hampshire 48 4000-footers a few times, the 52-With-A-View, the Terrifying 25, the Vermont 4000-footers as well as the Adirondack’s 46 4000-footers. He […]

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The Best of 2016

To everyone who has generously shown their support to us as our wheels started turning two-thirds of the way through 2016, thank you. We really appreciate the love. Hopefully, we have returned some of this love through the articles we’ve produced that have informed or inspired you. To offer a recap, here are some of what we feel are the better titles for the year: September, […]

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Half Day Mountaineering Skills

A great way to spend the morning is sharing something you love and are passionate about with someone who is eager to learn whatever it is and wants to share your passion. That describes today. Our guest, Bob, wanted to learn some basic mountaineering skills, but since he had a fair amount of winter hiking experience, he didn’t necessarily need our winter skills course and thus […]

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A Day in the Life: AMC Trail Crew

Ever wonder about the trails we hike on? Their history, who made them, who maintains them. I know that some of us personally volunteer to maintain trails. The US Forest Service works hard on some and also manages some of the volunteers. Also, there are volunteer organizations like the Trailwrights, and last but not least, the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC). The AMC maintains hundreds of miles […]

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Top of the Boott

The forecast was concerning, as it often is on the 6288′ Mt Washington. The prognosticators of the weather predicted winds topping the century mark, with a slight lessening late in the day and more so over a 48-hour period. The temps were mild, and while they, too, were dropping, they were going to be staying on the charts — for now. But those winds! If the […]

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22 Winter Alpine Travel Tips

Tired of the trees, you find you’re ready to bust out of the krummholz and explore some of the summits located in the alpine zone. But you’re a little uneasy about it. You’ve heard the stories, read accounts of people’s dying days, and there before you, right next to the trail, a sign warning of the perils that can lie ahead. We won’t lie and tell […]

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Birthday Snowshoe Tour

We took the lovely young woman pictured in the photo on a custom snowshoe adventure today! Our client, Kaleigh, was having a birthday and decided to hire us for a snowshoe tour leading to someplace special above treeline… someplace cool. We chose the 3570′ South Baldface — one of the jewels of Evan’s Notch. From the summit we planned to either head to the 3610′ North […]

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