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Cannon Mtn Stunt Hiker

It was a last minute thing. The message came in, a hiking companion had to bail (the daughter), and going it alone in winter conditions just wasn’t going to happen because, quite simply, it’s more dangerous. A companion was needed! We answered the call. Redline Guide Chase Hall was available and ready to take the lead. Stunt Hiker, at your service! Our guest, actually returning to […]

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Backcountry Ski Checklist

Are you ready to ski in the backcountry this spring? Mother Nature has been signaling to us that the time is here. New snow in the mountains as of late is being measured in feet. So, if you’re sitting at home right now, the brown grass starting to green up, it may be a mental challenge to get into ski mode, but in the gullies and […]

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Last Winter 4ks

This one was it. This was our last hiking trip of the winter (Glenn’s was second to last). For those working on winter lists, we’ll hopefully see you again after Dec. 21st later this year. For now, let’s get the goods from this hike of the Tripyramids. Here are a few more words and photos from Redlne Guide Chase Hall. March 18th, Triprymids: Got the early […]

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Snow Drifts & High Winds

The day before spring will often reveal the beginning of things to come. The crocuses pushing upward, shrinking patches of snow reveal standing water and mud, and one may hear bird chirps amid the dripping sounds and gurgling. It’s usually less cold, less windy, and less snowy at this time. Unless you’re up there (author points to the mountains). Up there we’ve encountered a delay. Up […]

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Racing to the Top

This will be one of those joint or combo posts. We had two teams doing the same thing which was basically our two-day winter Mt Washington epic — with exception to one student who was only there for the mountaineering skills training on day one. These teams were led by Redline Guides Pat Ferland and Glenn Van Neil. Neither team summited. As is sometimes the reality […]

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Skiing the Clouds

What began as a group outing was unfortunately whittled down to a one-on-one ski tour due to unforeseen circumstances. But fun was had, nonetheless. The primary objective for the day was to shred Tuckerman Ravine and that part would stay indeed intact. On lead for this cloudland tour was Redline Guide Will Murphy and, together, they booted up Right Gully, skied it, then did the same […]

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The Training Continues

Combining all our resources allows us to teach many snow-oriented classes well into the spring. There is a little awkward in-between time, to be sure, and we’re in it, but we manage. This is great for people with bigger objectives this spring and summer who want to get in some last minute training. This class was a half day Mountaineering Skills course and was led by […]

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In Spring Form

Cool air warmed by sunshine and it sure feels nice. Unless you’re snow. If you’re snow it feels bad. It makes you melt and fade away. Snow longs for winter but spring will win the battle and the snow will go away. For now, though, we will enjoy what’s left. Though don’t ask us to define “enjoy.” Redline Guide Chase Hall lead this trip to Mt […]

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Meanwhile on the Mountain

[…] heights were reached that most cannot reach. It was one of those days, to be sure, and we had more than one party on Mt Washington. Also up there, climbing the same route, aiming for the same summit — and also running the same two-day program — was Redline Guide Ken Hodges. The training in his case was done over a week ago. Another difference […]

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One of Those Days

Many of our guests complete our two-day program with a near-summit of Mt Washington, happy nonetheless stoked by witnessing truly crazy weather. The mountain’s an ill-tempered character and it yells at us kids to get off its lawn. It’s an experience. On some days, however, if you tread lightly and think good thoughts, the old man sleeps. The kids scamper freely. This was one of those […]

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Alpine Chocolate Muffin

What did you get for your birthday? Some things? A cake, perhaps? All lovely, we’re sure, and all very traditional. One guest and long time friend of Redline Guiding, however, hoped to celebrate her birthday in an atypical way. She wanted an experience! That makes sense to us. Experiences last while most things don’t. Especially nowadays. Originally the plan was for our guest to take our […]

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Our Seventh Annual Trails Day

SIGN UP WITH EMAIL Volunteer to give back to the WMNF mountains and their trails! For anyone who’s had the privilege of bushwhacking in the White Mountain National Forest (WMNF), you know just how instrumental the trails really are. If you think our trails are rugged, try pushing your way to the top of one of our 4000-footers off trail, amid the “pencil woods” — conifers […]

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