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Quarter Pounder with Cheese

The mesocorticolimbic circuit — also known as the “reward system” — is, as Google offered: “a group of neural structures responsible for incentive salience (i.e., wanting; a desire or craving for a reward and motivation), associative learning (primarily positive reinforcement and classical conditioning), and positively-valenced emotions, particularly ones involving pleasure as a core component.” Pleasure such as being rewarded for a hike with “Quarter Pounder with […]

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Three in Maine

Three guests needing three Maine peaks on the way toward completing their New England Hundred Highest. Seems like a natural so we sent them up with Redline Guide Ken Hodges for a couple days of hiking — bushwhacking back roads and herd paths, looking for the tops of bumps where moose skulls live. Check it out in this short compilation video we made. Great job, team. […]

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Hiking the Carters

A returning guest working on her 48 New Hampshire 4000-footers needed South and Middle Carter for numbers 40 and 41 on her pursuit of completing this list. We were there to help. Specifically on assignment with this was Redline Guide Howard Aronson. Howard, and our guest, managed to grab a fair amount of photo and video content that we just had to put to use and […]

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99 Via Huntington

Capable people hire us to lead on Huntington Ravine Trail. That “hiking” route can be dangerous, tricky to navigate, sometimes unforgiving, and it’s well known that the consequences for screw-ups there are, well, pretty consequential. There is a history of injuries and even deaths. The Huntington Ravine Trail has a deserved reputation so there, on that hiking trail, factors like good weather are key, as are […]

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A Pine Mountain Wedding

At 2410′ Pine Mountain isn’t Gorham NH’s tallest mountain, but it sure is a pretty one — one worthy of the 52 With-A-View list. We always thought Chapel Rock situated on the lower east summit, in particular, would make for a nice setting for a wedding. Finally it happened. With the cooperation of and blessings from The Horton Center, Jess and Adam became newlyweds at Chapel […]

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Mansfield Attempt

We pride ourselves in being able to extend our services outside New Hampshire. Maine, for example, is often the home of one of our guests’ objectives. As is Vermont, though less so. But this was one of those times. Our guest wanted to make an attempt of Mt Mansfield — which at 4,393′ is Vermont’s tallest mountain. On assignment for this trip was Redline Guide Pat […]

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Married on Bondcliff

We just knew it. It was an inevitability. We knew that one day, someone was going to ask for it. They were going to say something along the lines of “we want to be married on Bondcliff.” To which we knew we would reply, “heck yeah!” For those not in the know, Bondcliff is a stunningly beautiful mountain located in the heart of the Pemigewasset Wilderness. […]

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Wedding at Mountain Pond

We hadn’t yet had a Wedding at Mountain Pond in Chatham, but on October 3rd that all changed. That was the chosen location for a young couple, Michael and Annamarie, to tie the knot. The knot, we might add, that will be a real bear to untie if they ever try since it got wet during their rainy-yet-still-delightful wedding. If you think we should probably be […]

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Walk, Drive, and Hike

We are a varied bunch ready to lead you up some wintery alpine peak, cliff, or wall of ice to hang out, yet we’re also there when you need us to just show you around. Being chill while warm, so to speak. Our Nature Tours, Tourist Tours, Companion services, and of course our Hiking and Snowshoeing offerings all fill that low-impact, low-risk niche to varying levels. […]

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Bear Repellent Gets Closer

With a mere forty-one miles to go, our oft-returning guest is nearly done with her life-long quest to link together those fourteen states through-which the AT or Appalachian Trail travels. Her pace has slowed over the decades, the effort to continue harder than ever, but with dogged determination she continues and the end is now within her grasps. She plan to close this chapter next summer […]

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