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Four Years Old

Today marks the fourth anniversary of Redline Guiding. In that span of time we have slowly learned as we led, as we taught, and as we married blissfully happy couples. In this time we have always been trying to perfect what we do. Further identifying with ourselves and carefully making our very specific mark in this world, in this country, this state, these mountains, and our […]

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Blustery Franconia Ridge

The wind forecast was a cause for concern for our guest, understandably with gusts predicted to hit 70mph on Mt Washington, but it wasn’t enough of a concern to us to suggest we throw in the towel. In fact, when our guest asked for our thoughts, we said it sounded as if he would likely have a very exciting time on Franconia Ridge. We explained that […]

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Zoom Past the Challenges

Distance, difference, a pandemic, even a tardy gatekeeper couldn’t stop this couple from marrying. It may have felt to them like fate would win out at times and that these challenges would just swallow them up and spit them out, never allowing the marriage to happen, but that’s not how it went down. As a couple, true to their foundation of unwavering love, they pushed through […]

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Mission Accomplished

For personal reasons one of our most recent guests was on a mission. It was a multipart mission, one on which she would reset herself, to escape grief, to see the lovely State of New Hampshire, and to hike upon its deceivingly difficult mountain trails. She would also try her hand at shopping and seeing the village of North Conway, but the crowds, she reported, were […]

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Running the Whites

Really cool parents take their kids hiking. It’s a fact. But after a while the kids grow up and they begin outpacing their parents. That’s when they call Redline Guiding booking a day of mountain trail running — a perfect gift for the birthday of a young man who has clearly become the fastest hiker in the household. Take him out, give him a run, tire […]

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Four Weddings in a Day

Officiating three weddings in a day was the record last year. This year we not only matched that record, we upped it by one for officiating four weddings on Saturday, October 10th, 2020. What follows isn’t really a blog post about each of these special events, but rather a very brief summary and a hearty congratulations to all four couples. They are all tied together, in […]

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Exploring Jefferson Ravine

On Facebook a returning guest mentioned she was hiking all the ravines and glacial cirques located on the Presidential Range. Some, with trails, she had gotten to, others, without trails, still needed to be visited. That’s where Redline Guiding came in. We asked if she had checked out Jefferson Ravine yet, and if not was she willing to do it with us from above (versus taking […]

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Pierce Was Perfect

A guest contacted us in the 11th hour looking for a guided hike. We were glad to help and after a brief interview/discussion, we decided Mt Pierce should fit the bill perfectly. Especially considering the high wind and chance-of-showers forecast we looked at. Limiting the exposure was a sound judgement, particularly with a newer hiker. On lead for this trip was Redline Guide Deb Dunn. If […]

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Mt Washington in Autumn

It wasn’t possible to tell from the Mt Washington Valley due to a cloud shroud, but there was a dusting of early October snow on Mt Washington. Unsurprising consider the mountain’s weather record — yet it’s still a bit of a shocker. It surprised yesterday’s guests a bit, that’s for sure. It can be crazy up there, we know. The day delivered big in terms of […]

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