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Monthly Archives: June 2019

Mt Washington’s Weather

While writing an article yet to be published on another website (now published), the topic of Mt Washington’s weather crept in — fast and unannounced like the weather up there on the exposed 6288 foot (1917 m) summit itself. In an effort to be concise, we initially wrote something along the lines of this: Three major weather systems converge over its peak and being that it’s […]

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Ammo Up, Cog Down

Enjoying a small break in the weather, Redline Guide Ryan Mcguire led a Rhode Island couple up to the 6288′ (1917m) summit of Mt Washington. It was bucket list item for the missus, something she always wanted to do. Once Ryan got them up there, he simply left them there! Of course, when he did so they were safely aboard the Cog. This was their plan […]

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