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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Boott Spur Option

When leading on Mt Washington, barring the few I know that regularly work the west side (which we do as well on many occasions), professional guides generally lead groups up the Tuckerman Ravine Trail, hop onto either the winter or summer route of the Lion Head Trail, then get back onto Tuckerman Ravine Trail for the push to the summit before reversing direction for the exit. […]

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Gift Certificates Now Available

Some major holidays are coming up. The gift giving season for many. Time to knit those sweaters, mold that fruit cake, endure Black Friday nonsense, and consider what color socks and underwear to get your youngest. Or maybe you’re not even there yet. Maybe you have no idea what to get that someone special in your life… that one person who has seemingly everything — because, […]

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Redline Guide: Carl Herz

Hoping to help you get to know our mountain guides just a little better, we’d like to offer the following: Carl’s Bio Introduction: Carl, of Randolph, NH, has enjoyed hiking since childhood while on vacations with his family. Over time, his passion for the outdoors became a major part of his life. He has been an avid four season hiker for six years, his acumen honed […]

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Starting Out in the Whites

Every year hundreds if not thousands of people who have never been here come to the White Mountain National Forest to hike. For some they discover the trails and see how accessible our mountains appear to be while here for another reason, while others come here specifically to hike knowing the area’s reputation for stunning natural beauty, often not realizing that the trails can be really […]

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Redline Guide: Howard Aronson

Hoping to help you get to know our mountain guides just a little better, we’d like to offer the following: Howard’s Bio Introduction: Howard grew up in RI, and has lived in Amesbury, Mass., for the last decade. Ever since he was a kid, he loved being outdoors, playing sports, sledding in the winter, and just staying fit. But, he didn’t start hiking until 2012, when […]

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Redline Guide: Álvaro Marques

Hoping to help you get to know our mountain guides just a little better, we’d like to offer the following: Introduction: Born in Portugal, Álvaro, at age 28, started to dedicate more of his time to the outdoors. Since then he has not only explored his own country but has traveled to others looking for new challenges. While living in Spain, he had the opportunity to […]

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Modeling Best Practices

The list on this page was created by Mike Cherim, a Class One Leader, for the Appalachian Mountain Club (AMC) and was immediately and unanimously adopted by the New Hampshire Chapter. It is believed that this list is now part of the New Leader’s Welcome Packet. It was felt that the AMC, as an outdoor group, should ensure its leaders always strive to model the best […]

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Redline Guide: Liz Wyman

Hoping to help you get to know our mountain guides just a little better, we’d like to offer the following: Liz’s Bio Introduction: Liz has lived, worked, and played in the White Mountains for the past decade. As a teacher, writer, and naturalist she leads hikes and educational programs for all ages. She has taught environmental science and natural resources to students in middle school, high […]

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Twenty For Two

Take 20% off a Mountaineering on Mt Washington or other guided full day adventure and/or educational course for two or more people. This special, limited-time offer is exclusive of rental gear, food and water, premium and private options, and gratuities, and cannot be combined with other offers. It may, however, be used for two consecutive days of activities! Sign up for our two day program and […]

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Science Behind the Hike

Have you heard the term “just put one foot in front of the other?” This is a psychological helper designed to help us get through the mental challenges of hiking and similar activities, but hiking, mountain walking, or tramping as some say, is so much more than simply plodding along dragging our carcass behind us. There’s actually a science behind how we move. Many if not […]

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Tipping Points on Section Hiker

Philip Werner recently asked Mike Cherim to write an article about giving gratuities to folks who work as mountain guides. He agreed to give his thoughts on the matter and published “How to Tip a Mountain Guide” on Philip’s popular site, SectionHiker. It should be noted that the amounts given are based on Mike’s personal experiences right here in the White Mountains and may or may […]

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In the Sun

The Conway Daily Sun, that is, and we’re in it. We love free advertising and they handled our press release with kindness and I dare say, love. Nearly a quarter page, full-color, top-right position in the middle of the paper with one small insert to mark the middle. Awesome. Here’s what they posted: A new Mt Washington Valley mountain guiding agency opened its doors recently, figuratively […]

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