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Winter AT Assistance

Imagine our surprise when we learned a very late season northbound Appalachian Trail (AT) thru-hiker was in the area and requested our assistance. Devin, who goes by the trailname “Das Boot” (like the movie, but not inspired by it), was stopped in Lyme, NH, and was seeking winter support for sections of the state as well as bits of Maine. Devin, being from Florida, was new […]

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Mt Washington via Lion Head

We just finished running a two-day program featuring a day of training followed by a winter summit bid on the notorious Mt Washington (6288′). Here are some details and photos. On day one Redline Guides Mike Cherim and Ken Hodges trained a group of six people on the finer points of Winter Skills and Mountaineering Skills. With them were a returning guest, Jon, another individual, Steve, […]

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Top Five Percent

Thanks to our 2016/2017 wedding clients — we thank you so much — we have won the 2018 WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Awards® and represent the top five percent of wedding professionals. Or, as WeddingWire puts it: Congratulations! You represent the top 5% of wedding professionals on WeddingWire. The Couples’ Choice Awards® honor the exemplary work you’ve done over the past year and the highly regarded reputation […]

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2018 WFA & WFR Classes

This is just a reminder that our 2018 SOLO Wilderness First Aid (WFA) and Wilderness First Responder (WFR) course dates are available and we’re open for registrations now. These offerings are discounted at $149 and $549, respectively. For active status WMNF SAR volunteers, these discounts are extended further (see details in form below). For full details about these courses, check out our Wilderness Medicine page. Click […]

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The Best of 2017

Happy New Year, everyone! As we did last year — offering our readers a condensed list of our best articles of the year — here were are again offering a quick overview of our most popular blog posts, most educational in nature. January, 2017 01/23: Being a Good Hiking Buddy (Steps Toward Being a Good Hiking and Climbing Partner) 01/26: How I Died Hiking (No additional […]

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Frozen Mt Madison Hike

The patriarch of a family in Randolph, NH, contacted us late in the afternoon on the 29th with a request that we guide four young adventurers on a Mt Madison summit bid the following morning, two of which were his own kids. He sought us for our judgement and ability to ensure the safety and well-being of those most important to him. Given such extreme conditions […]

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No Willard, Yes Tom

Instead of the usual blog entry where we write about the day based on information gleaned from our guide, our guests, and other observations, today’s post, barrring a few minor edits, was written almost entirely by Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak, the leader of the tour in the spotlight. Here it is, Jeffrey’s summary (followed by some of his excellent photos): What began as a planned hike […]

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Pre-Christmas Hike

A cool and interesting company, Ridj-it — a Boston carpool platform that helps connect adventurers for events like hiking with businesses such as ours — hired us for some training and adventure. Specifically we provided a day of winter skills and mountaineering training (along with another guest) followed by a hike. Originally on tap was an attempt on the 6288-foot Mt Washington — the tallest mountain […]

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Mt Washington Attempt

As much as we’d like to, we don’t always make the summit of Mt Washington when we try. Especially when the forecast calls for one thing while the mountain dishes up another. What looked to be a fairly mild day with manageable winds ended up offering winds that proved too much. This was a very late notice assignment that was led by Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak. […]

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WFA Student Feedback

Such Awesome Feedback We had a chance to review student questionnaires from some of our recent Wilderness First Aid (WFA) students and we are wicked happy to report extremely positive sentiments. We fully expected this, though. After all, our own experiences with the SOLO School offerings easily matches their positivity. Great teachers, fascinating course work, tons of hands on… what’s not to love? If you’re seeking […]

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Jackson XC in the BC

We are super excited to announce our partnership with the Jackson Ski Touring Foundation (Jackson XC) in Jackson Village, NH — having the largest trail network in the East. What’s this all about? Well, it’s front country meets backcountry with Redline Guiding officially becoming the backcountry arm of Jackson XC. Not just Nordic, either, but we also offer Alpine Touring (AT) and these services will also […]

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Three Systems for Hikers

Somewhere near the beginning of our Winter Skills course we discuss the “three systems” we rely on as hikers, backcountry skiers, climbers, and mountaineers. This triad of systems of which we speak refers to us, what we wear, and what we carry. Let’s discuss these systems, starting with the one we should know best: us. System One: We The Hiker… US This is the most important […]

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