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Taking to the Winter Trails

The winter hiking season is just around the corner. Soon we will be pushing through slick leaves and the hazards they conceal — as if that isn’t dangerous enough — and almost immediately after that we will be making our way through snow, dealing with winter’s inherent dangers. As many prefer, actually. The walking, after all, is generally easier (unless you’re packing out a trail through […]

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The Hiker’s Thirteen Essentials

The “Ten Essentials” as is known to hikers young and old, first appeared in print in the third edition of Mountaineering, Freedom of the Hills, Mountaineers (January, 1974), according to Wikipedia. The original list was modified in the seventh edition, and has since undergone many modifications over the years for a variety of reasons at the hands of various groups such as the Boy Scouts of […]

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Skills Courses for Experienced Hikers

We offer a number of courses here at Redline Guiding. Some of them are geared toward folks completely new to this fine sport, but not all. Some of our classes will be of benefit to folks who already hike and play outdoors but want to increase their wilderness knowledge or boost their skills. Specifically, these courses are: Mountaineering Skills: Learn the proper way to safety use […]

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New Kid in Town

We are really proud to announce the birth of Redline Guiding; a brand new mountain guiding agency in North Conway, NH. After months of work we are finally ready to let the cat out of the bag, so to speak, and release this news to the world. These are, for us, exciting times… and scary times. Putting it all out there, risking it all, striking out […]

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Prep for a Mt Washington Climb

This is a copy of an article I wrote last year. I thought it might look nice here. You may have been tossing the idea around, perhaps debating with yourself — you know, about Climbing Mt Washington in the Winter. Maybe you’ve been wondering if you have what it takes, physically and mentally. Perhaps you’ve had concerns about the mountain’s well-documented dangers (it is one of […]

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Looking for guides

We are from presently looking for individuals qualified to be mountain guides to lead groups under contract with Redline Guiding Let LLC, at least starting talks. We plan to Prices begin on October 17th and that isn’t exactly a busy cheap jerseys from China time of year. By winter, however, we hope to be busy. The person services or people we bring on must be fit […]

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Some services available

We Food are opening October 17th, 2016, right after Barb and I return from our honeymoon. By that time the company will be recorded by the state (check), wholesale NBA jerseys a TIN applied for and received (check), PayPal updated (check), inventory added (check), our US Forest Service oufitter’s permit will be in, our insurance in place, and we should be all geared up and ready cheap […]

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Let the adventure begin…

It’s time to cheap jerseys offer what isn’t. Something cheap nfl jerseys different. No big mountain goals here, nothing too technical, but instead a focus Felicity on what’s right here in New Hampshire’s White Mountain to National Forest: opportunities to hike and ski the backcountry. Safely. That’s cheap jerseys China where we Home come in: to guide and to teach those less knowledgeable. We hope you […]

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