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Northern Presidentials Traverse

That Redline Guide Ken Hodges is in the news again. The other day, while Mike was leading a Flume Gorge Tour, Ken was leading guest, Marc, on a Traverse of the Northern rim of the Presidential Range here in the White Mountain National Forest. Specifically Mts Jefferson, Adams, and Madison, ringing in at 5716-, 5799-, and 5366-feet, respectively. To accomplish this we created a plan to […]

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Completing Two Lists

It meant a lot of hiking, but Redline Guide Ken Hodges just completed two popular New England hiking lists. One was the New England Sixty-Seven, NE67 (which is the sum of the 14 Maine, 5 Vermont, and 48 New Hampshire “4000-footers“). It’s quite the accomplishment on its own. For Ken, though, he was simultaneously working on finishing the New England Hundred Highest, NEHH. That’s the NE67 […]

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Guided Flume Gorge Tour

One of our most recent requests involved something somewhat atypical for mountain guides, but it is something which fit right in with our Nature Tour offerings so when we got the call, we accepted the mission. Normally we’d put Redline Guide Liz Wyman on it, being that she is our official naturalist, but she wasn’t available so Redline Guide and owner Mike Cherim volunteered for the […]

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Guided Inn-to-Inn Hike

We were given a request to fulfill that was both very unique and very cool: arrange and guide an “inn to inn” hike for a leaf-peeping pair of lifelong friends. Meaning, in other words, to hike from inn, to inn, to inn making a route through the White Mountains over a five day period. Simple enough, right? Well, not really. Barring great mileages and roadwalks, while […]

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We Are One

We opened our doors on October 17th, 2016. This means we’re one and today is our birthday. A baby, still, but it was quite the year. We fed ourselves, took our first wobbly steps, mostly kept the crap out of our pants, so to speak. We grew, we learned, and during this time we were really able to identify ourselves. We went in with expectations, sure, […]

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Boulder Loop Leaf Tour

Several months ago a lady from the United Kingdom, Louelle, was planning a fall holiday for herself and two of her girlfriends, Emma and Lorna. She did an online search, found us, and booked a half-day hike at that time. Fast forward to yesterday, October 15th, and those three friends finally make it to us here on the left side of the Atlantic to do that […]

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A Starr King Wedding

Named after Thomas Starr King, the summit of this 3907-foot mountain was the choice of venue for today’s bride and groom, Katie and Brian. It would hopefully provide views and they felt is was a place all their hiker and non-hiker friends and family could reach. Everyone did make it up there, so that was right on. The views, however, were lacking thanks to a low […]

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Guided Tripyramids Loop

One of our many favorite guests, Monica, has returned to us again (she must have enjoyed her time with us on those prior trips up Jefferson and Carrigain). This time she wanted a companion for a hike up the Tripyramids. To refresh your memory, Monica is an experienced peakbagger working on hiking the one hundred and eleven highest mountains in New England — the NE111 (the […]

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Quality, Not Quantity

Quality, not quantity… it’s a simple enough edict, yes? Our guest yesterday, Erika, who was visiting from Maryland, wanted just this very thing. Some of that famous New Hampshire foliage, stunning views, waterfalls, and a little hiking. Not a lot of hiking, if you please. Redline Guide Jeffrey Shutak was on the case. We know and he knows, one doesn’t have to hike for miles to […]

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Two for Two, for Two

Two adventures, two days, for two people. We are happy to team up with International Mountain Climbing School (IMCS) of North Conway to introduce an exciting late-season special. We’re offering two full days of adventuring fun for you and your buddy or significant other. On the first day hike or scramble with a Redline Guiding guide and explore some of our White Mountains awesomeness by way […]

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WFA Graduates

Well done congratulations to one and all. We’re offering four opportunities for people to earn their Wilderness First Aid credentials this year by offering discounted SOLO WFA classes. Two have been completed so far, and we have two more to go for 2017, one on the weekend of October 21st-22nd, then another on the weekend of November 11th-12th. We still have spaces for these open-to-the-public courses. […]

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Bumpier Than Ohio

We had another guest from Ohio yesterday (10/6) who requested a Nature Tour so needless to say (but we will anyway) we put Redline Guide and Naturalist Liz Wyman on it. Originally our guest, Laura, wanted to head up to Mt Washington. She was hoping to drive up then hike to the Lakes of the Clouds hut and back, being informed about the alpine flora and […]

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