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Baldface Circle Loop

Scrambles and views were requested by our returning guest, Oleg, and his friend, Yuliya, so we thought the Baldface Circle Loop might deliver (it’s not our first time to this rodeo). And it did. Leading this campaign was Redline Guide Ken Hodges. The experience for Oleg and his friend actually began the night before. They rolled into North Conway late and met owner Mike Cherim at […]

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Skiing Tuckerman Ravine

It was a perfect day to get out, climb high, and make new friends. As many know, we offer backcountry skiing adventures and instruction. This includes Nordic (cross country) and Alpine Touring (AT). What many may not realize is just how long our Alpine season can be once we include Mt Washington and the higher elevation gullies, snowfields, and cirques in the Presidentials. Some of these […]

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Jean Lee Joins the Team

What began as a meeting between Redline Guiding owner Mike Cherim and local Justice of the Peace Jean Lee about cross-referring each other for officiation duties, ended up as a discussion about guiding in the White Mountain National Forest. This, as Mike learned, was something Jean had been doing in the area for the past four years. She had been bringing people to the summit of […]

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Volunteer Trails Day

Would you like to give back to the White Mountain National Forest? Would you like to do your part to help ensure good hiking trails for all to enjoy? If so, join us on June 23rd, 2018, for our first annual Volunteer Trails Day with Redline Guiding, the NH Trail Workers’ Group, and the United States Forest Service (Saco Ranger District). This is a FREE event […]

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Backpacking for Women

We’re pleased to introduce our third “Camp Like a Champ” women’s-only overnight backpacking event. The Details This event is being led by Redline Guide Arlette Laan. If you don’t know of Arlette (click the link above to find her profile), she is a bit of an expert on the subject of backpacking. And being a woman herself, might just be able to provide a completely unparalleled […]

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Redlining Presentations

The details… Up and coming this summer we are giving a number of presentations about “Redlining the White Mountains.” For those that don’t know, “redlining” means to hike all the trails discussed in the Appalachian Mountain Club‘s White Mountain Guidebook. Two of our Redline Guides have done this: Bill Robichaud (the 29th finisher, ever), and Mike Cherim (the 37th). Other team members are working on it […]

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Best Wilderness Expedition

We’ve mentioned this before, it’s old news (please forgive the repetitiveness), but we didn’t really grasp just how special this is. Apparently it’s a bigger deal than we realized when today in the mail we received a pretty special matted cover from Yankee. We are kind of stoked about this, to say the least. It’s wicked unexpected, and hopefully we’re worthy. Thank you to whoever was […]

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West Huntington Bushwhack

One of the things most people would want to avoid in the early spring while there is still snow in the woods is to bushwhack. Unless, that is, one is participating in a two day Wilderness Navigation course. And unless, of course, one doesn’t say bring it, asking for an intensive bushwhacking experience. On duty for this one were Redline Guides Mike Cherim and Ken Hodges. […]

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Best of New Hampshire

New England Today (, a product of Yankee Magazine, featured Redline Guiding among those named in their 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards under Best of New Hampshire. Check out what they wrote below and see the original post here. WILDERNESS EXPEDITION: Redline GuidingIntervale Wondering how to cross a river when there’s no bridge? Preparing to embark on a hike across a glacier? Learn these and other wilderness […]

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Lafayette in the Clouds

One would think that the best days would be the ones with clear skies, abundant sunshine, and sweeping, jaw-dropping views. But as one experienced in the mountains soon realizes, everyday gives us something. Today’s guest, Roberta — led by Redline Guide Ken Hodges — can attest to this, and she’s an extremely experienced hiker. Today brought the duo temperatures in the forties and mostly pea soup […]

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The Tallest Mountain

In the northeast our tallest summit is that of the 6288-foot Mt Washington, the White Mountain — which is the most prominent peak east of the Mississippi River. It’s a historic and iconic mountain, to say the least. Some Native American people used to call it “Kodaak Wadjo” while others like the Abenaki called it “Agiocochook” or “Agiochook” (there’s still a prominent point, a crag, northeast […]

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Metamorphosis of a Hike

It is here that I think of hiking as an almost religious experience. What follows is a 2013 article reprint by Mike Cherim detailing the various stages hikers often go through as they put mountains behind them. Aside from the never added “mindlessly driving there for hours on end” stage, you should be able to relate to at least some of this. After all, hiking is […]

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