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Trail Reporting Form

Mountain Pond Loop Trail, Conditions Reporting Form

You probably came to this page after scanning a QR code posted at the Mountain Pond Loop Trail trailhead. If that is the case, thank you for visiting. The form on this page is for reporting trail conditions on the Mountain Pond Loop Trail — a classic, rugged and remote-feeling non-wilderness loop trail, some of which you feel may require maintenance from the volunteer trail maintainer, Mike Cherim. Things Mike is interested in hearing about are any or all of the following:

Blowdown(s) on trail:
This refers to trees that have been bent over or broken and have come down (deadfall) over the trail. They may or may not be partially or fully blocking the trail. Add as much information as you would like if you think it might be helpful.
Brushed-in-trail segment(s):
This refers to segments of the trail that are hard to follow because the treadway or footbed is obscured by plant material (plants like hobblebush, grass, and ferns are the main problem on this trail).
Flooded trail section(s):
This refers to segments of the trail that may literally have standing or moving water on them. This may be from beaver activity. There’s no need to report mud during or right after a rain. We know. It’s not perfect.
Other items(s) of interest:
This refers to myriad things. Tell Mike about anything you like or don’t like about the trail or anything on it. More bridges needed? Shelter good? Also share animal sightings like moose, bear, loon (the loud cry you may hear), etc. Did you find a boat?
Location(s) on the trail:
To identify the trail section(s) please use the following term(s): “Lollipop Stick” (this is the entry trail), “Shelter Side” (this is the north side), “Far End” (this is the east side), “Wild Side” (this is the south side), and/or “Near End” (this is the west side). See map for details.

Before submitting a trail conditions report, please take note of these known items…

  • » In-Progress/Reported: 1 bog bridge has been requested for some difficult mud on the “Wild Side.”
  • » In-Progress/Reported: Limited beaver activity reported on the “Wild Side.” A trail re-route has been requested.
  • » In-Progress/Reported: A “teen” moose has been spotted on the “Wild Side.” If seen, do not approach. LNT.
  • » In-Progress/Reported: There is some mud and slick, jumbled rocks throughout trail. This is normal in the WMNF.
  • » In-Progress/Reported: Several new (EZ-PAss) blowdowns spotted mostly on the “Lollipop Stick,” “Shelter Side,” or “Far End.”
  • Last updated: September 30th, 2023

To submit a trail conditions report for the Mountain Pond Loop Trail, please use the form below…

Please note that your name and email will not be used for any marketing purpose. Furthermore, you’ll only be contacted if there are questions specific to your trail conditions report. Your report is appreciated… thank you. * All fields required.

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