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Mt Cardigan fire tower

Mt Cardigan fire tower.

Welcome to our education portal where the time to learn is now. Here we offer seven different educational courses ranging from a half-day to two full days. All of our offerings are custom-tailored to the learning wants and needs of our clients. We start at the very beginning with some folks, while others will prefer to be catapulted into a whole new level of understanding or are looking to remember what was once known and understood. In any case, we can help.

Our first offering is Wilderness Navigation. We considered calling it “Map and Compass,” but we decided against it in the end because the course runs so much deeper than just the use of those two important tools — such as using critical thinking while planning your next wilderness exploration.

run introNEW: Our Mountain Trail Running Intro will prepare you for the rigors of the sport allowing you to stay safe, make wise choices, while still enjoying everything that makes the sport so alluring, the health benefits, the challenge, the freedom, and the rush.

Last up we are now offering a half-day River Crossing Skills Course. River-crossings are statistically the most dangerous things hikers and others contend with in the backcountry, but they don’t have to be if you know where and how to safely cross a stream or river… and when to not to attempt it. In addition to aiding the judgement skill, we offer several methods of crossing for individuals as well as groups.

Want to start backpacking? Our Camp Craft Course will help you get your camp life in order. Backpacking isn’t about toughing it out. It’s about being prepared, dealing with life, being fed, watered, and comfortable, and staying safe. This course changes with the seasons offering two distinct skills sets. Try both if winter camping might be on your agenda. We teach camping employing the seven principals of Leave No Trace (LNT) and adhere to all regulations.

The next offering is our Hiking Introduction. This is technically a new half- to full-day course, but we’ve had the program outlined for at least two years. Want to know just about everything you need to know about having a successful hiking experience time after time? Be prepared with this course.

After that we offer a Mountaineering Skills Course which used to be part two of the winter skills course, but some folks are just going to want the information in this more technical and extremely detailed course. Taking this course opens up winter hiking and climbing routes not available to all and will foster better understanding, confidence, and safety. This course is designed to keep you on your feet.

If you need mountaineering skills course, above, because you’re headed to one the world’s glaciated mountains (get ’em while you still can), our intensive Glacier Skills Course will be extremely beneficial to you as you master roped glacier travel, and the complex systems used for self- and assisted-crevasse rescue. You’ll also learn a host of other related information to help you on your path.

Another brand new offering is our Backcountry Skiing Intro course designed to get a person fairly new to Nordic or Alpine Touring in the backcountry out on the snow skinning and sliding, but with respect to safety concerns, ski techniques, and even playing well with others.

Next up is our Winter Skills Course. It’s a half day of learning how to prepare for then take care of yourself and your stuff — the gear and clothing needed — while traveling in the mountains in the winter. Learn the whats, hows, and whys, during you know when. Winter can be friendly and fun if you understand it.

Looking for more action? Maybe one of our Adventures offerings would be more suitable.

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