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Mt Shuksan (Wash.)

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Mount Shuksan, at 9131′, is one of Washington State’s spectacular North Cascades high peaks — which in the Lummi language that is what Shuksan allegedly translates to. This glaciated massif situated just east of Mt Baker is known for its stark and unrelenting beauty. Mt Shuksan is, in fact, said to be the one of the most photographed mountains in North America.

We offer the southern approach to this mountain via the Shannon Ridge Trail through a mind-blowing old-growth hemlock forest and alpine meadows scattered with wildflowers. We then establish our high camp at the toe of the Sulphide Glacier in an amphitheatre surrounded by the jagged peaks of the North Cascades. The views from high camp are exceptional. In the evening guests are likely to catch sight of mountain goats, and the morning light illuminates Mount Baker to the west. The standard climbing route ascends the Sulphide Glacier to the base of the “Summit Pyramid,” 600-foot, Class 3 (arguably Class 5) rock “scramble” that ascend the pyramid’s central gully to the summit. To descend, we rappel and downclimb back to the glacier, which gives our guides an excellent opportunity to teach rappelling technique and ropework. Throughout the expedition, our guides will help you hone the skills you need for a safe and successful climb.


DAY ONE: Meet in Sedro-Woolley, Wash.

INITIALLY: Upon receiving your non-refundable deposit, our partner out west will reach out and provide you with a detailed pre-climb departure booklet including a personal gear list, specific meeting location, as well driving directions.

GETTING THERE: Upon arrival the guides will meet you for team introductions, gear check, and group gear distribution. The drive to the the Shannon Ridge trailhead (2,500′) used to access the Sulphide Glacier route takes about an hour.

TO HIGH CAMP: Once there, the hike to high camp takes roughly 4 to 5 hours and will involve about 4,000′ of elevation gain, depending on the season and other factors. The team will set camp between 5,500 and 6,500 feet depending on the season. After a one-hour climbing skills refresher, the guide/s prepare dinner (not included in pricing) for everyone and you get a chance to relax for the evening.

DAY TWO: Attempting the Summit

ALPINE START: Summit day begins early, very early with a pre-pre-dawn alpine start. From high camp, the team will climb the moderate Sulphide Glacier to the base of the Summit Pyramid, from which team member will climb/scramble the final 600-feet.

ONCE THERE: Team members will have climbed roughy 2,600 of added elevation gain to get to the top. The North Cascades will be spread out below, Mt Baker a close neighbor. From there celebrate, relax a bit to take it all in, then the team will rappel off the summit and retrace the climbing route back to high camp. There the team will spend one final night no doubt replaying the adventure in their minds, eating a fine dinner (not included in pricing), and getting a good night’s sleep.

DAY THREE: Going Home

GETTING OUT: After breakfast (not included in pricing) and breaking camp, the team will retrace their route back to the trail and ultimately the trailhead arriving by early afternoon. The total descent, roughly 4000′.

Other Information

Equipment and Gear

In addition to the normal gear required for mountaineering (see details on Mountaineering page) this specific activity will require this specialty gear.

  • Ice/snow axe.
  • Mountaineering boots.
  • Mountaineering crampons.
  • Climbing helmet.
  • Mountaineering harness.

For all gear options, including Alpine Ready Packs, see the master list below.

Rental Gear Master List - Click to Open
Note: Rent our Alpine Ready Packs — available “full” with food and water for $75/person/day or “Lean” without for $60/person/day, or simply choose items from this master gear list:

General Rental Gear Pricing
  • Empty Backpack: $15/person/day.
  • Headlamp w/ Batteries: $5/person/day.
  • Trekking Pole Set: $5/person/day.
  • Bushwhack Kit (Compass/Glasses): $5/person/day.
  • Food and Water (Lunch Kit): $15/person/day.

Summer Clothing/Layers Pricing
(NOTE: By “Summer” we mean warmer, summer-like conditions, not the season.)
  • Fleece (Midlayer): $5/person/day.
  • Puffy Jacket (Midweight): $20/person/day.
  • Hardshell Set: $35/person/day.
  • Light Gloves: $5/person/day.
  • Climbing Gloves: $10/person/day.

Winter Clothing/Layers Pricing – Add to List Above
(NOTE: By “Winter” we mean colder, winter-like conditions, not the season.)
  • Puffy/Parka (Heavyweight/Winter): $25/person/day.
  • Hardshell Set: $35/person/day (Gaiters Req. w/ Crampon Use).
  • Mitts/Overmitts: $10/person/day.
  • Watchman’s Hat: $5/person/day.
  • Balaclava: $5/person/day.
  • Face Protection (Faceglove/Mask): $5/person/day.
  • Ski Goggles: $5/person/day.
  • Gaiters (Winter): $10/person/day.

Winter Rental Gear Pricing
(NOTE: By “Winter” we mean colder, winter-like conditions, not the season.)
  • Light Traction: $10/person/day.
  • Mountaineering Snowshoes: $15/person/day.
  • Mountaineering Crampons: $15/person/day.
  • Climbing Helmet: $5/person/day.
  • Ice/Snow Axe: $10/person/day.
  • Whippet: $10/person/day.
  • Alpine Harness: $10/person/day.

Winter Technical Gear Pricing
(NOTE: By “Winter” we mean colder, winter-like conditions, not the season.)
  • Ice Climbing Crampons: $15/person/day.
  • Technical Ice Tools: $15/person/day.
  • Climbing Harness: $10/person/day.
  • Mountaineering Boots: $25/person/day.
  • Avalanche Beacon: $25/person/day.
  • Avalanche Probe: $10/person/day.
  • Avalanche Shovel: $10/person/day.
  • Avalanche Kit: $40/person/day.

Summer Technical Gear Pricing
(NOTE: By “Summer” we mean warmer, summer-like conditions, not the season.)
  • Climbing Helmet: $5/person/day.
  • Alpine Harness: $10/person/day.
  • Rock Climbing Shoes: $15/person/day.
  • Climbing Harness: $10/person/day.
  • Chalk Bag w/ Chalk): $5/person/day.

Backpacking Gear Pricing
  • Sleeping Bag (Rated): $20/person/night.
  • Sleeping Pad (Foam): $5/person/night.
  • Sleeping Pad (Inflatabe): $15/person/night.
  • Tent (1-2 People): $20/person/night.
  • Tent (3-4 People): $30/person/night.
  • Stove w/ Fuel: $15/person/night.

Other Gear-Related Pricing
  • Gear Insurance (Regular/Hiking): $10/person/day.
  • Gear Insurance (Alpine/Winter): $20/person/day.
  • Gear Insurance (Backpacking): $30/person/day.
  • Outsourced Gear (Pick Up Fee): $40/person/day.


Guests are responsible for their own transportation to Sedro-Woolley, Washington as well as to the various locations identified in the itinerary, but during normal times incidental car-pooling is common and encouraged. It saves gas and reduces pollution.

Meals and Lodging

Guests are responsible for all of their meals and lodging including during on-mountain activities. For on-mountain lodging, tents will be provided by the guides, though pads, sleeping bags, etc, will be the responsibility of the guest.

Again, this needed gear can be rented through us or once there. We can also provide non-perishable lunch food kits as well as freeze dried main meals for $15 each. Just note this on our booking form.


Our guides graciously accept gratuities. After all, your life is in their hands on the mountain. A tip of 15-25% is a common way of showing your appreciation of the guide’s skills and decision-making. Of course cash is greatly appreciated. This amount is not included in our fees, but we do encourage the practice.

Other Exclusions

Aside from the exclusions noted in the paragraphs above, the following is also not included:

  • Personal clothing and gear.
  • Medical and evacuation coverage.
  • Trip cancellation insurance.
  • NW Forest Pass (parking fees).


  • The difficulty of this activity is as requested though is inherently tough.
  • This activity has a 1:3 guide/guest ratio.
  • The maximum group size is 6 with 2 guides.
  • For parties larger than 6, please contact us.

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Three Day Mt Shuksan Pricing
Per person $995

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